Bladder Mold
Product Name : Bladder Mold
Product No : pro-C-01
Product Description


A bladder mold is applicable to produce the bladder required by the tire plant, with which the plant installs on a curing unit for further manufacturing of tires. Normally, such bladder can be out-sourced in the case of small consumption, or acquired through self-production in case of huge consumption to save substantial cost. Bladder mold can be categorized into the “common” type and the “injection” type.


A. “Common” bladder mold :
with simple mechanism, it needs to put raw rubber into the bladder mold, and after curing, a bladder model can be formed. The advantages include simple structure, cheaper cost than an injection type, while its disadvantage is that its thickness will be higher than the one produced by an injection type, the thickness of bladder will affect its life-span.

B. “Injection” bladder mold :
with complex mechanism, it injects softened rubber through tip into a mold, thereby forming the bladder. Its advantages cover a better surface image, thinner bladder thus longer durability; while the disadvantage will be that around 5%~15% of waste will be generated during the production.